• A complete line of
    Tube Installation & Maintenance Tools
    • Tube Expanders
    • Tube Removal Tools
    • Tube Cleaners
  • The Most Comprehensive Range of
    Industrial Bolting Tools
    • Mechanical
    • Pneumatic
    • Hydraulic
    • Air Driven
    • Electric
  • Spring Balancers
    • "SWF" Series
    • "SWA" Series
    • "SBH" Series
    • "I-Beam" Trolley
Powermaster Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Why Powermaster

POWERMASTER India was founded in 1972 with Tube Expanders as its only product. By 1980, Powermaster had expanded into Tube Cleaning equipment for boilers and pans in sugar mills. In 1984, when the automotive industry started showing the first signs of liberalizing, Powermaster looked to broaden its product offerings to cater to these new opportunities.

Why Powermaster

Industries we serve

Their success, our success.

We're proud to be helping our customer's work faster, smarter and be more responsive - across all kinds of industries and business.
We helped our customers achieve their goals, stay on the leading-edge of innovation, and as a result become more profitable.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Steel Mills

    Steel Mills

  • Heavy Engineering

    Heavy Engineering

  • Pumps & Valves

    Pumps & Valves

  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

  • Hydro & Thermal

    Hydro & Thermal

  • Petrochemicals


  • Fertilizers


  • Offshore


  • Cement Industry

    Cement Industry